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The Avenue of the Giants

Kendall Jackson Winery in Sonoma, California

Visiting this famous house makes me want to do the "Truffle Shuffle".

A famous landmark in the wild west.

I used to think that AAA was for old people. Well, call me old. When you are in a car, any car, out in the middle of nowhere and need help you will be happy to have this number on your cell phone. My membership covers lockouts, towing, running out of gas, and a lot of others services. And when I'm in anyone's car. Even if my friends don't belong I won't be hassled with that nasty walk on the highway.
AmtrakTrain travel may not be for everyone. I can't list all of the reasons that I like to go by rail. If I go to Vancouver, BC this is how I go.
This link is for my local friends. WSDOT gives information about highway traffic as well as ferry times and links to all other kinds of travel web sites.
The Bathroom Diary is one of the funniest, not to mention practical, web sites I've seen. When you are away from home and have to go you have to go. Not only does The Bathroom Diary give reviews on cleanliness but also tells about celebrity sightings.  Universal Currency Converter™
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